If you take a look at Privacy Policy from various companies you can notice a rather long text on each of them. Majority of the users never reads the disclosed. The Privacy policy among the data acquired adds the list of partners as well as other facts. It may not be the website you visit but the third party companies they have partnered with. The data collected by the website you visited is shared further down the line. These may include: third-party partners, such as marketers, integration partners, pixel partners and resellers.

Despite the general belief that only advertising companies are the online trackers, there are few other online entities performing the same task. Data Brokers trade with data instead of the stocks and bonds. Data brokers are individuals much like private detectives. These individuals gather the data online as well as offline. What exactly are they collecting? Data Brokers often refer to themselves as database marketers or consumer data analytics firms. They gather the information of an individual as a consumer. The online gathering is searching for any clue or information that can identify the individual as well as to describe their interest or hobbies. The more unique and detailed report the more it costs. The offline data is something that is not acquired easily. These include police reports or any legal information. Majority of Data Brokers will pay someone to acquire that information instead of them.


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